funniest stoner adventure comedy ever written

High In The Sky Over Florida


(Very High)



A Madcap Adventure Comedy Classic, Set Back in The Day

by Jim Esposito


Stoner Literature for Getting High, Smoking Pot

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Free Short Fiction

A Grave Concern

by Jim Esposito

Mortimer mulled it over. Perhaps he’d been a little hasty assessing that last hallucination with a casual C-plus. After all, should automobile accidents be automatically relegated to average C ratings simply because they happen in cars? That was the basic question involved, and Mortimer realized his decision here might establish a far-reaching precedent.

The thing that kept sticking out in Mortimer’s mind was the terrified expression on the face of that 62 year old lady with the horn-rimmed bifocals who swerved head-on into the path of his classic black Volkswagen Beetle in her sleek, silver-gray Mercedes as he was driving to work at the mortuary on the freeway that morning. Supposedly it was one of the most hazardous, accident-prone stretches of highway in the whole country, and Mortimer drove it religiously every morning because he knew how lucky he really was to have it...

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Gotta love a guy who dismisses suicide as a short term solution.


Free Science Fiction

The Search for Intelligent Life

by Jim Esposito

It was the weirdest thing. My buddy, Skip, has a cabin in the country with a satellite dish, so he, Franco and I would drive out there Sundays to watch football. We’d grab some beer, some chips, some hot dogs, do that male bonding thing.

We’re sitting there last week, minding our own business, different games on three TVs, the Stones blasting on the CD player, having a great time, when we heard a knock on the front door...

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And so the search continues.
They should've sent a stripper.


The Original Airplane Repo

An E Ticket

by Jim Esposito

Seven A.M. My phone starts ringing. That’s no big deal for most people, but I work in a nightclub. I don’t get home until three or four in the morning, and many times – take the previous night, for instance – I’m not entirely sober.

“Hello, Dewey!” gruffed my father’s voice at the other end of the line. He was calling from Florida. “The trouble with young people today,” my Pop would lecture, “is they can’t add or subtract.” Yet he couldn’t look at his clock, deduct three hours, figure out what time he was waking me up in California.

“Yeah, Dad. What’s going on?”

“You know our neighbor, Jodi?” he asked.

“No,” I answered.

“I told you about her,” he explained. “She makes lots of money.”

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The Old Man might be on to something this time.


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the greatest cocaine  comedy adventure


Absolutely, Positively The Funniest Drug Comedy Adventure Ever Written


High Fliers


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